Buns Of Fun

d7124e654bab527a45f6c32e37995252.jpg Holy shit. When Sicily said she was showing up with a erotic surprise, we were not quite ready for Queen Bee. These 2 represented like burn and ice with a big ass. Serge was ready though. He had been saving something up for these lovely dark skinned honeys. They sucked his dick and he ate pussy like he was at a soul food buffet. The fucking could not be contained by a express and the action went from village to place. A hot update with 2 hat, hot RandB princesses. [Watch Trailer]

Fun In The Sun

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48 Hours Of Fun

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Fun Bunz

684b1f4e162ea2671fa4e92d503c2df5.jpg I thought this week was going to be boring, thats untill Azaria decided to tempo by. What an amazing body Azaria has, from her face to her round and brown beautiful ass. The way she shakes that thing had to subsist illegal, and made the babyoil melt away at her skin. She was puberulent for anything and when Reno jumped in the setting the real freak came out. She was incredible, so she had to be rewarded with some hot load on that huge ass. This week has to be a favorite… Enjoy. [Watch Trailer]

Twice The Fun

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Fun In The Sun

fun-in-the-sun-written-in-sand-on-beach-thumb19107390.jpg Viviane is apparantly a little camera shy. You probably would not notice because of the way she slurps defeat Anselmos cock, though. She has perky tits capped with some of the finest nipples ever witnessed in the northern hemisphere. I wont even get into her pussy..I mean I wish I could after seeing this shit. Anselmo picked a winner this week. [Watch Trailer]

Mountains Of Fun

OH MY GOD. That is all i have to say when it I think of Stacey. This chick is a BRICK HOUSE she is so stacked. Beautiful face, delicious round seed butt ass, und so weiter huge natural round tits. I mean BIG ASS BOOBS. I had to prevent wiping my mouth from drooling on myself. I loved the way the oil was just making her chocolate skin look in the sun. After tons of big tit worship went down, we went on inside where Reno was waiting to taste this chocolate bunny. She sureness knew what to do with a fortify cock. It quickly went between her breasts for some good ol bust fucking. Then into her mouth for some messy blowjob action. And then the fucking. Yes, the fucking. It was great. I love this babe. I belief to see more of Stacey in the future. For now, enjoy this update. You desire get it. [Watch Trailer]

Bath Time Fun

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Fun In Paradise

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Beach Time Fun

9d1ad57ffb51fc02072027faeb34df69.jpg Today we redhanded Stephanie on the beach hanging out sun bathing. She was all alone and looking for some fun to get into. So we invited her to come hang out by us. Leslie couldnt wait to get the party started and it began to get a little steamy on the mode back in the car. Renato had to jump in at the apartment, und so weiter they both proceeded to fuck her silly, she gave double blow jobs like a pro and did anus like a champion, including loved every minute of it. [Watch Trailer]